Folded Fiberglass Mats - Foreign Object Damage Cover

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A single Mat Assembly/Kit includes 2 Folded Fiberglass Mats, 2 short joining panels and two long joining panel.

The Fiberglass reinforced mats described by the specification are Folded Fiberglass Mats used for Rapid Runway Repair on damaged runways and Joining Panels that are used to join 2 FFM together. The mats are constructed of rigid fiberglass panels connected by flexible polyurethane elastomer hinges. The rigid panels are 9.14 meters long by 1.82 meters wide. Hinges are no more than 7.62 cm wide and are 7.62 cm by 9.14 meters long.

Each mat has nine (9) sections and eight (8) hinges and is 9.14 meters wide by 16.45 meters long when unfolded. Mats are folded in an accordion fanfold manner with the top surface of the mat on the top of the folded mat. The mat is folded along the hinges and the folded size is 1.82 meters by 9.14 meters.

The packaged mat assembly can be transported by flatbed trailer or by C130 or larger aircraft. The mats are nominally 7.62 mm thick at the 3 ply area and 5.0 mm at the 2 ply part of the mat. The Joining Panels are 5.0 mm thick and are either (short) 7.31 meters by .6 meter or (long) 9.14 meters by .6 meter. The same fiberglass and polyester resin is used for all items.

FFM Order Data
NSN Description
Part Number Weight Package Size
5680-01-368-9032 Operational Mat Assembly 9139655 7,500 lbs 6'w X 30'l X 18"h

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